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Gaska Tape Products V Series foam tapes are closed cell in structure and completely seal out air, moisture, light and dust when compressed at least 30%. Formulated from durable Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) for a long service life, these products cushion against shock and vibration, and insulate against temperature and sound. This product line is not only ultraviolet resistant, but also resists most chemicals, acids and bases making this series the optimum choice for long-term durability. For details on the properties of this product series, and available adhesive packages go to Properties and Adhesives.

Series Specification/Description

An ultrasoft, semi-open cell Polyvinyl Chloride foam that can be produced with or without adhesive on one side. SO500 is formulated for applications which require a product with a very low force to compress. Available in thicknesses of .118" to 1.00" (3.0mm to 25.4mm) and widths of 1.0" to 57" (25.4mm to 1448mm). This product meets the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 302A.

  • Excellent for filling large voids and variable gaps
  • Seals out air, condensation, light and dust when compressed

Cap Tape Developed initially to provide an economical seal between pickup truck caps and body side rails. Today, Cap Tape is used effectively for a variety of non-critical sealing applications. Available in thicknesses of .188" to .250" (4.8mm to 6.4mm) and widths of 1.0" to 57" (25.4mm to 1448mm).


Produced by manufacturing a layer of vinyl foam on heavy duty aluminum foil.
Vyn-Alum acts as an effective insulator and prevents condensation or moisture build-up on surfaces to which it is applied. Available in .125" to .250" (3.2mm to 6.4mm) thickness and widths of 1" to 57" (25.4mm to 1448mm).

  • Conforms to fit tight bends and corners
  • Flexes to fill-in and seal irregular surfaces
  • Reduces vibration and deadens sound in HVAC applications
  • Available in a special formulation (V612-FR) FR) FR) that meets
  • Building Materials Specification FHC 25/50 flame and smoke spread index (UL 723)

An excellent alternative to low permeability urethane where long product life is critical. This foam is excellent for use in applications requiring a low force to compress. Available in thicknesses of .079" to .787" (2.0mm to 20mm) (LC715 .125" to .500") (3.2mm to 12.7mm) and widths of .250" to 57" (6.4mm to 1448mm).

  • Available with G3 adhesive, specifically designed to adhere to galvanized metals
  • Can be die or kiss cut. Available with foam laminated to polyester film with adhesive and release board
  • LC715 is cast on polyester film
  • Conforms to Chrysler MS AY510-A, BA, BA, B and C and Ford WSB-M3G-102B
Light Density

These economical, general purpose foam tapes are manufactured for use in applications requiring positive seals on irregular surfaces or when flex and conformability to seal tight radius curves are critical considerations. Available in thicknesses of .079" to .787" (2mm to 20mm) (V715 & V815 .125" to 500" (3.2mm to 12.7mm) and widths of .250" to 57" (6.4mm to 1448mm).

  • Low density foam is easy to compress and conformable but is still strong and resilient
  • Available with a tough polyester film on the exposed surface
  • V710 is specifically formulated to meet automotive industry specifications: General Motors 6086M-1A, 1A, 1A, Ford ESB M3G 102-A, Chrysler MSAY 511-A, B and C
  • V710 displaces neoprene in many applications
  • V710 is a self-extinguishing formulation and meets FMVSS 302A
Medium Density Vinyl

Excellent combination of flexibility and conformability with strength and wear resistance. Performs in those "tough duty" applications where a tape must still flex to fit and seal. Available in thicknesses of .063" to .500" (1.6mm to 12.7mm) and widths of .250" to 57" (6.4mm to 1448mm).

  • Excellent dimensional stability and a cushion against heavier loads
  • Foam density permits clean die cuts and fastener penetration
  • Withstands wear and abrasion
  • Available on polyester film
Heavy Density Vinyl

Designed for use in the most demanding of foam sealing or cushioning applications. High internal strength resists pressure from outside forces and high hardness resists deterioration. Available in thicknesses of .031" to .250" (.8mm to 6.4mm) and widths of .250" to 57" (6.4mm to 1448mm).

Double Faced Vinyl Glazing Tape

Aggressive, pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides of a medium density foam. These tapes provide an excellent combination of light density flexibility with heavy density strength. Available with a clear easy-release polyethylene film liner (V1526). Tested and approved to AAMA 810.1-92 e92 e92 expanded cellular glazing tapes. Available in thicknesses of .063" to .500" (1.6mm to 12.7mm) and widths of .250" 57" (6.4mm to 1448mm).

  • Excellent in glazing applications
  • Maintains a seal in high movement joints
  • Effectively functions as a thermal break and insulator
  • Available with high performance S3 adhesive for temporary load bearing assembly requirements
VK 1800 and VK 2500 Series Spacer Tape

Perfect option for window installations and curtain wall structural silicone applications.

  • Resilient weather seal
  • Compatible with most chemical cured silicone sealants
  • Gaska VK Series Spacer has a six-month shelf life on Solvent Adhesives.
  • A patented heavy density vinyl foam coated with S3 solvent-based acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive on two-sides
  • Used as a spacer in curtain wall structural silicone applications and a wide variety of other uses that previously relied on costly high density urethane gasketing for spacing, vibration dampening or cushioning
Fire Retardant
F Series

Available on a quotation basis only. This self-extinguishing formulation conforms to UL 94 requirements. Gray is the standard recognized component color.

  • Available in a range of densities of 6 to 40 pounds per cubic foot.
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • UL material designation code is FRXXPV (where the XX is replaced by the foam density) file #58620
Log TiteTM Foam

Designed to meet the extreme demands of the log home industry, Log TiteTM Foam makes a permanent weather-tight seal while eliminating concern over "log float" during construction. Available in thicknesses of .375" (9.5mm) and .500" (12.7mm).

  • Economical
  • Closed-cell PVC provides air and water tight weather seal
  • Soft and easy to compress
  • Exceptional resiliency
  • Near 100% recovery after extended compression

Heavy density foam which has many general industrial applications. It is highly conformable, exhibits excellent elongation properties and can be used as a component part of medical devices. Available in thicknesses from .031" to .250" (.8mm to 6.4mm) and widths from .500" to 57" (12.7mm to 1448mm). Other densities available.


  • Acute dermal toxicity-Foam rated as non-toxic
  • Primary skin irritation-Foam tested as non-irritating
  • Pyrogen test-Foam tested non-reactive
  • Moisture vapor transmission (MVTR) 300 grams/M2
  • Homolysis-Non-reactive

Closed-cell polyvinyl chloride foam. Typical benefits and features include:

  • Slow recovery foam
  • Flexes to protect irregular surfaces
  • Can be made in a variety of colors
  • Previous testing of a high quality, die cut part resulted in an average NRR rating of 31.3 when measured from .125 to 8000 Hertz (five subjects, average of nine hertz readings [Mean-2 ti2 ti2 times Standard Deviation])
Cling FoamT Spacer Materials

The Gaska Tape line of spacer materials offers a choice of materials depending upon the requirements of the application. All incorporate our Cling Foam which sticks to non-porous surfaces without adhesive. Tell us your load and temperature parameters and we will recommend the right spacer for you.

Produced in .063" (1.6mm) thickness. Available in overall .125", .188" and .250" (3.2, 4.8 and 6.4mm) thickness laminations with polyethylene, VK and cork.
CP1000 is a plastics compatible formulation which, when laminated to VK, E4 or cork, will not crack, craze or mar synthetic plastic surfaces.


Polyethylene These tapes are produced from tough 2# (32 kg/m3) density, cross linked polyethylene foams. The fine, closed cell composition provides high strength, a smooth surface and excellent compression recovery properties. Available in thicknesses from .125" to .250" (3.2mm to 6.4mm) and widths of .250" to 54" (6.4mm to 1372mm).

E200 Series:

  • Completely seals out air, moisture, light and dust when compressed at least 30%
  • Fine cell structure permits easy fastener penetration

U210 Series: Produced from open cell, 1.5# (24kg/m3) density ether formulation polyurethane foam. The foam is permanently laminated to a 3/4 mil (.02mm) polypropylene film which acts as the carrier for an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive. Available in thicknesses of .125" to .750" (3.2mm to 19mm) and widths of .250" to 56" (6.4mm to 1422mm).

  • Acts as a cost effective dust and insect filter
  • An excellent choice for light duty cushioning or vibration dampening applications
  • Compresses easily with outstanding recovery properties
  • Available with 1 mil polyester film carrier
Release Liners
Brown Industrial Grade

Gaska Tape Brown Industrial Grade Papers are manufactured using 84# polycoated Kraft paper. The polycoating process gives this paper excellent dimensional stability (the paper won't curl when exposed to moisture). Silicone release is coated on top of the plastic coating. Three choices of this release are available to fit your specific application and/or equipment needs:

  • Big8410: Standard release on gloss side
  • Big8410ER: Easy release on gloss side
  • Big8420: Differential release (standard on gloss side, easy on the matte side which allows for a clean unwind of the finished roll)

These papers are available in widths ranging from 1 inch to 58 inches. Rolls are produced in maximum lengths of 5,000 feet. Three inch core size (ID) is standard.

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive

S3 Adhesive:
Used for specialty applications needing good weathering and creep resistance. Its properties are as follows

  • Adhesive Type: Solvent-based Acrylic
  • Adhesive Thickness: 2.0 mil minimum
  • Adhesion to Steel: 2.0 lbs/inch width minimum
  • Temperature Range: -40 d40 d40 degrees F. to 180 degrees F.
Color Matching

Available in most formulations.

  • We are capable of producing custom colors and color matches utilizing state-of-the-art technology
  • Computerized laboratory equipment facilitates batch-to-batch reproducibility

Permanent laminations double the available thickness ranges of our product line.

  • Specialty and customer supplied materials can be incorporated to add value and make use of our advanced adhesive technology
  • Capable of laminating films, foils and non woven


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