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Mechanical packings are for rotating and oscillating equipment, hydraulic and reciprocating equipment and valves. They come in three different types of braid specified below

Braid-Over-Braid: for pump and valve service this mechanical packing construction offers high strength type, braided round, then calendared square. It is very conformable because of its individual jacket-over-jacket construction. Resilient, Braid-Over-Braid will compensate for minor pump shaft misalignment.

Interlocked: this mechanical packings constructing is designed for pumping services and is a unique and distinctive method of braiding yarn and is one of the most widely used types. It is unusually flexible and resilient, and exceptionally strong. Because of its high resilience factor, Interlocked assures a tight seals with minimum gland pressure. Braided square, all yearns extend back into the body fob this mechanical packing and are strongly interlocked. Interlocked is also recommended for valve service.

Plaited: this mechanical packing construction is an excellent type for older-type pumps. Braided square, its soft and absorbent structure enables it to carry a high amount of lubricant. The Plaited construction is extremely conformable and has good strength qualities. Plaited packing can also be used in valve service.

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