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Teadit has a comprehensive range of cut gaskets - with and without metal eyelets, PTFE envelope gaskets, spiral-wound gaskets, kammprofile gaskets, made to your specifications

Cut gaskets, with/without metal eyelet

The simple flat gasket cut from sheet material remains the most widely used method of flange sealing. However, in todays world of environmental awareness and the need for ever tighter control of emissions, those gaskets may not meet all the latest mandatory regulations. TEADIT has met these ever increasing demands and laws regarding environmental and safety issues (e.g. TA-Luft) by developing a full range of gaskets reinforced with metal eyelets.

Spiral-wound gaskets

For applications with high temperature variations (thermal cycling),and/or pressure variations, and/or flange rotation problems etc., gaskets with adequate residual stress (stress retention),flexibility and recovery are needed. TEADIT spiral-wound gaskets have been designed to meet these demanding requirements.

Spiral-wound gaskets are made of a preformed metallic strip and a soft filler material (PTFE or graphite), wound together under pressure, and optionally with an inner and/or outer guide ring. The metal strip holds the filler, resulting in excellent mechanical resistance, resilience and recovery.


The chemical resistance of rubber gaskets and compressed fibre gaskets can be considerably improved by inserting them into a PTFE-envelope. Because of the good adaptability of PTFE, particularly low sealing rates can be achieved with adequate gasket pressure.

By choosing particularly suitable styles of PTFE with low cold-flow (e.g. Dyneon TFM 1600),and by using special combinations of insert materials, e.g. corrugated metal rings with graphite cover on both sides, even the most demanding sealing problems (e.g. enamelled flanges or applications with serious thermal cycling) can be solved.

Double-jacketed gaskets

TEADIT double-jacketed gaskets are particularly suited for applications like heat-exchangers and boilers. The gasket is constructed of a soft, heat resistant, non-asbestos filler material, which is completely enclosed in a two-piece metal jacket. When pass partition bars are required, we offer a welded pass bar construction. With a welded pass bar arrangement the fluid is retained by the primary seal at the inner diameter of the gasket. Thus the primary seal maintains its function, providing a seal of higher integrity.

Kammprofile gaskets

TEADIT Kammprofile gaskets are used by the chemical and petrochemical industry, as well as in power stations and refineries, on both standard pipe-work and specialist applications, e.g. shell and tube heat exchangers, etc.

TEADIT Kammprofile gaskets offer outstanding flexibility and recovery, assuring seal integrity under pressure and temperature fluctuations, flange rotation, bolt stress relaxation and creep.

Depending on kind of metal used, TEADIT Kammprofile gaskets can be used for all media from pH 0 to 14.


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